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Free and Ad Free

iOu Debt Calculator is Free and Ad Free. That means we are not wasting your battery or data transfer serving you ads. You can see your "net worth" with one look.


Credit Card Debts

iOu Debt Calculator has everything you need to track credit card debts. Monthly percentage based transactions can be set up once and forgotten while iOu automatically keeps up with your debts.


Small Businesses

iOu is perfect for landlords or other small businesses. You can easily set up as many accounts as needed and set up monthly transactions to automatically charge rent. Choosing to pay off an account is as simple as the click of a button.


Personal Loans

iOu Debt Calculator makes it very easy to know how much you are owed from restaurants, bars, vacations, or keep track of who has your dvds and books.


Bring in Contacts

Easily add accounts for your contacts. iOu Debt Calculator will then keep track of that persons number and they can be called or texted anytime when looking at their account.


Multiple Currencies

There are multiple currencies to choose from, allowing you to keep track of foreign debts or loans. Any requests for new currencies can be submitted at the bottom of the page by sending us a message.

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